Benevolent sexism in the church

Before I finally stopped going to church, I attended a number of churches and announcements like the ones above are commonplace in these churches. The prevailing belief was that men should handle financial responsibilities and some hard labor that were not fit for women while women handle cooking and cleaning, activities that are not fit for men. This division of labor though coming from a place of love, is sexist and problematic as are many of the beliefs around gender relations in church. 

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A trip: Lagos-Ibadan

“The Lord Jesus can save you from this evil world. If you forsake your sinful lifestyle and accept him as Lord and savior, he will come into your heart, he will save you from the ruler of this world…”

I wonder who her Lord Jesus is and what kind of potion he gave to her, to make her boldly disturb and condemn people.

“One day this world of flesh will end, only Jesus can save you. The kind of music you are listening to, will it take you to heaven? The kind of clothe you are wearing, does God like it?”

On and on she goes, reciting the things her god does not like, her voice rising in pitch as she nears the greatest sin. My ears are itching for an eargasm when her voice returns back to normal, no peak. Disappointed, I hiss and turn my attention to other passengers.

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The Blessings

Blessed are the feminists for they shall create an equal world

Blessed are the discerning who see the benevolent sexism in maggi ads. May their eyes never go dim.

Blessed are the activists for they shall create a better world

Blessed are the dog lovers for in due time they shall reap their harvest of cute things

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I’m taking a break from church

I told my family today that I will not be going to church again, until further notice. To be honest, I did not just arrive at this decision today, I have been moving away from the church since I started understanding how church upholds the patriarchy in society.
I think I was in my first year in university when I told one of the three male pastors we had, “I think Paul is misogynist.”

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