My 2019 prayers

I wrote this in the early hours of the year. I wrote what I want for myself this year and for you too.

I pray you find peace in this body you call home.

I pray that love finds you, in the privacy of solitude, in troubling times, in the throes of passion..

I pray you find a lover who sees the stars in your eyes and when you behold her reflection, you find yourself, home.

I pray you find friends who speak the language of your soul, friends who think the world of you, friends that love you in words and long hugs and everything in between.

I pray your mind remains like the sea, vast, deep and forever rejecting things contrary to your being.

I pray that you travel more, see the world, and that it fills your heart with wonder.

I pray that you find satisfaction in your job, that every morning when you resume work, you do so with joy in your heart and fire in your steps.

I pray that miracles find you when you least expect it and when you need it the most.

I pray you find time to dance and enjoy the warm evening sun on your face.

Day after day, I pray you find reasons to live and love.

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