How to be a Good Boyfriend This Season

So it’s February and bae is already hinting at Valentine’s Day and suggesting gift ideas she would love 😍 and as a good boo that you are, you are contemplating gift ideas. Cute but while you are considering gift ideas, I have some really simple things you can do to show bae love this season and beyond.

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Benevolent sexism in the church

Before I finally stopped going to church, I attended a number of churches and announcements like the ones above are commonplace in these churches. The prevailing belief was that men should handle financial responsibilities and some hard labor that were not fit for women while women handle cooking and cleaning, activities that are not fit for men. This division of labor though coming from a place of love, is sexist and problematic as are many of the beliefs around gender relations in church. 

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Examples of Benevolent Sexism

This is the second part of the article I started here on benevolent sexism. If you haven’t read it, read it here.
If sexism is poison, benevolent sexism is poison with cream toppings so you don’t notice the poison if you’re not looking. But I’m looking so let’s examine some examples of benevolent sexism (bs).

Men should protect women

This is patronizing as well as harmful as it stems from the notion that

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Benevolent sexism for dummies

“There should be more female leaders because women are more compassionate and gentle unlike men.”

Welcome to benevolent sexism 101.

Sexism is discrimination based on a person’s sex or gender.

Sexism can affect anyone, but it primarily affects women and girls and has been linked to stereotypes and gender roles. Sexism against women is primarily based on the belief that men are intrinsically superior to women.

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The sexual miseducation of all of us

No, seriously, I mean ALL OF US

One hot afternoon, thirteen years ago, I was home with my mom, on holiday. Bored out of my skull I decided to gist with mom about school. I had just completed my was my first year as a boarder in a girls only secondary school and had just being introduced to the concept of lesbianism. “Some girls in my class were doing lesbianism — ”

“Will you keep quiet!” Mom responded before I could even get to the gist. “Don’t let me hear you say that dirty word again, you are a good girl, and good girls don’t say bad words.”

That was my introduction to the impropriety of sex.

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