My Spidery godmother (1)

Kind missy spider, on two legs

Alone, all alone in this world,

Kind missy spider all alone

In this world

Mother used to sing about her a lot, a weird little song about a kind spider on two legs; I remember it faintly, like you remember the smell of washed out oguso on mud walls …

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Climbing Olumo rock

I visited Olumo rock on a Saturday as part of a team building exercise with my teammates from TinklingD.

The day started out slow and breezy, it was weekend so the usual rush of workers going to work was conspicuously absent. We left Ibadan at 10am in the morning and by 11:30, we were already at the oke ilewo, the community that housed the giant rock.

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The sexual miseducation of all of us

No, seriously, I mean ALL OF US

One hot afternoon, thirteen years ago, I was home with my mom, on holiday. Bored out of my skull I decided to gist with mom about school. I had just completed my was my first year as a boarder in a girls only secondary school and had just being introduced to the concept of lesbianism. “Some girls in my class were doing lesbianism — ”

“Will you keep quiet!” Mom responded before I could even get to the gist. “Don’t let me hear you say that dirty word again, you are a good girl, and good girls don’t say bad words.”

That was my introduction to the impropriety of sex.

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I’m taking a break from church

I told my family today that I will not be going to church again, until further notice. To be honest, I did not just arrive at this decision today, I have been moving away from the church since I started understanding how church upholds the patriarchy in society.
I think I was in my first year in university when I told one of the three male pastors we had, “I think Paul is misogynist.”

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